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Robotics Expo

  • Time 25-27 Nov.2016
  • Place Moscow
  • Registration Moscow

Lately the world of robotics has undergone some major changes: the emergence of 3D printing, AR-technology, cheaper components, crowdfunding etc. Hundreds of thousands of programmers are currently developing the applications for robots. If you do it more actively right now, there is a good chance for you to become a global leader, the experts say. Robots are the embodiment of supertechnologies that have already become a reality. And this reality you can meet on Robotics Expo 25-27 November 2015 in Moscow at ECC "Sokolniki".

First Robotics Expo was held in the fall of 2013, immediately winning positions in the market and becoming a fundamental part of global robotomania development in Russia. Exhibition was given coverage by: Russia 1, Russia Today, Moskva 24, Forbes, LifeNews, The Village and others.

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