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  • Time 21-24 Jun 2016
  • Place Messe Munche
  • Registration Messe Munche

AUTOMATICA: The trade fair for automation
AUTOMATICA is the leading trade fair for industrial automation and mechatronics. It is a four-day show that will give you a comprehensive look at the latest developments in automation.
Overview of the global market
For several years now, AUTOMATICA has been the platform where specialists and executives in all branches of industry gather information about the latest developments. It is the perfect place to find out how you can further automate production processes to cut costs and improve quality. You can read all about which branches of industry have profited from the range of exhibits at AUTOMATICA online.
We have the world's largest range of robotics, integrated assembly solutions and machine-vision solutions. Find out which products and developments await you at the trade-fair center. There are six exhibition halls dedicated to the various main categories, covering everything from sensor technology and drive technology to supply technology and positioning systems. As a trade fair for automation, AUTOMATICA also features a separate exhibition sector for the booming service robotics industry again this year.
Experience fascinating insights into important application sectors at AUTOMATICA: Integrated Assembly Solutions, Robotics and Machine Vision

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